Assisted Living

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An Assisted Living Residence is a certified adult home or enriched housing program that has additionally been approved by the DOH for licensure as an ALR. An operator of an ALR is required to provide or arrange for housing, twenty-four hour on-site monitoring, and personal care services and/or home care services in a home-like setting to five or more adult residents.

ALRs must also provide daily meals and snacks, case management services, and is required to develop an individualized service plan (ISP). The law also provides important consumer protections for people who reside in an ALR.

ALRs may offer each resident their own room, a small apartment, or a shared space with a suitable roommate. Residents will share common areas, such as the dining room or living room, with other people who may also require assistance with meals, personal care and/or home care services.

The philosophy of assisted living emphasizes personal dignity, autonomy, independence, privacy, and freedom of choice. Assisted living residences should facilitate independence and helps individuals to live as independently as possible and make decisions about how they want to live.