Our Team

The Core Team Members of New York Senior Care Group

Irene Andujar, Executive Director
Irene Andujarha has more than 30 years of management experience in Senior Housing and Health Care industry. Irene oversees
entire operation including admission standards, resident services, budget, programs, personnel, documentation, planning and
project management etc.. Irene has established long tern relationship with the New York State Department of Health, ensuring
the facility is compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.

John Hill, RN Unit Manager
John Hill has more than 10 years experience as the Registered Nurse Manager in Senior Housing , Rehab Center and Clinical Emergency Room. John oversees all care being given to Senior Housing residents and maintains standards set by the DOH.

Cherry Yc Huang, Founder
Yacun Huang is one of the founders of New York Senior Care Group. She awards the top 50 Outstanding Asian Entrepreneurs Title and was award the title of “Outstanding Leader” which is highest award in the International Leadership Foundation. The White House has also issued her the “President Volunteer Award”. She is also the founder of the North America Chinese University Union that consists of 50000 members graduated from the 65 best universities in China.