Assisted Living: An Assisted Living provides Nursing Home eligible residents of Adult Homes or Enriched Housing with home health care in addition to the services routinely provided by the Adult Home or Enriched Housing operator. Our program is licensed and regulated by the New York State Health Department.

Licensed Home Care Services Agency: Offers home care services to clients who pay privately or have private insurance coverage. These agencies may also contract to provide services to Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries whose cases are managed by another provider or entity, such as providing home health aide services to a certified home health agency patient or providing a licensed practical nurse for a Medicaid prior-approved private duty nursing shift.

Health Care Programs: As an alternative to institutional long term care, Long Term Home Health Care (LTHHC) Programs provide Nursing Home services and other services to persons in their own homes or apartments. Elderly or disabled individuals are eligible for the LTHHC Program if an assessment indicates that they are Nursing Home eligible and the services required will cost no more than a specified percentage of what those same services would cost if provided in a Nursing Home.